Publication status:

The third book in The Change series, Rebel, is now out.

Writer status:

Being one of the many authors who receive zero publicity, word of mouth is so very important. Lately this wonderful review came to my attention. It feels so good to have years of hard work acknowledged and appreciated by someone I’ve never met and am unlikely to ever meet, but even more wonderful is the suggestion of influence.

I will go east to teach at Viable Paradise in October of 2018.

I’m trying to learn how to do newsletters. If you’re interested in receiving one when I have something coming out, sign up here to be notified. I promise I will only send one out when I have actual news.

Writing status:

Tentative publication date of August 21, 2018 for A Sword Named Truth, and the rest of the Young Allies series at nine month intervals after. (I know, this is about the fourth time I’ve listed a date. The mirage publication is not under my control.) But all three are done, and I’m writing back and forth in the next bunch, the first of which is called The Wicked Skill. It’s a standalone romantic swashbuckler, sort of, the last hurrah before the big Norsunder War cycle, which is all drafted. Also half-way through The Time of Daughters, set a century and a half after INDA

Rachel Manija Brown and have begun writing Traitor, fourth and last of The Change series. The short summary: Voske comes back. It’s writing itself!

Also halfway through the third Lhind novel, called Lhind the Firebird, in which Lhind the doughty dual-natured thief who hates authority tangles with not one, but three empires. I’m also working on Slaymate, a novella in the Dobrenica series. The story takes place while Kim is in a coma during the third book, and it features Ruli. As a vampire.