Music Links

I've had enough people asking what music I listen to when I write or drive or read (and I am always on the watch for new music reccos) to list a few.

Check this video out:

If you like her music as much as I do, you can order Jennifer Thomas's CD, Key of Sea, from Amazon here.

I spent hours and hours searching the Internet for a sound akin to what I heard in my head for the Marlovan drummers. The closest I found was this Scottish band Albannach.

Finally, watch this utterly amazing video made by Georgians: dance, music, mountains, and a very ancient culture.

Workshopping and Warnings

Writer Beware: one stop shopping for scams and other pitfalls. These writers stay on top of bad deals, scam 'agents' and 'publishers' and other come-ons.

Here is the workshop that, by far, I think best for long writers in particular. And you get a week on a beautiful island, when you take the Viable Paradise Workshop.

A free on-line workshop that I recommend especially for those needing to learn to critique. It's run fairly, and it's so large that you get a pretty good variety of critiques, representing the readership Out There as much as anything can. Try the Critters Workshop. It's probably the most successful Internet workshop there is—certainly that I've seen, other than the excellent OWW, which has produced many paid writers—but for which you need to pay a yearly sum. As for Critters, there is a lively newsgroup at which you can discuss all aspects of writing, on SFF.NET.

Other Interesting Places

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz site—connections and news for all things Ozzy!

Focusing on women writers in fantasy, science fiction and related genres, Broad Universe.

Astounding amounts of Stuff on Patrick O'Brian. Follow this link and find yourself in the World of Wooden Ships.

The headquarters for all writers of science fiction and fantasy is the SFWA Page for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. It's full of useful links and data, and is updated almost daily.

The Mythopoeic Society is a group dedicated to the study and enjoyment of Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams, and to other fantasy authors in the spirit of the Inklings.

The Austen Page: A link to Jane Austen info.

Smart Women Who Like Trashy Novels: these women are funny, not very reticent in language for those who are sensitive to that sort of thing. It's all about the romance genre--the writers, the horrible covers, the things people say about romance novels, and whatever else strikes their fancy. Their snarkage about bad covers always makes me laugh—but it's seldom worksafe!

Not a link to my stuff, but a review site from a Christian perspective set up by two young readers (the Christian perspective here appears to be from the Roman Catholic point of view)