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Starting in September, my Inda series began a read along at Reddit’s fantasy sub group. The group has decided to go forward with discussing the rest of the four. Mid-March will begin the discussion of Treason’s Shore.

I’ve been invited to be a co-Guest of Honor at Bubonicon in Albuquerque, NM, 25-27 August 2017. (CJ Cherry is the co GOH, and Ursula Vernon the toastmaster.) More details as the year goes by. I also hope to attend Fourth Street Fantasy con in late June in Minneapolis, and of course to teach at Viable Paradise–submission period open until mid-June.

I’m trying to learn how to do newsletters. If you’re interested in receiving one when I have something coming out, sign up here to be notified. I promise I will only send one out when I have actual news of a book coming out.

Writing status:

The first draft and beta read of the third book in The Change series, Rebel, is slated for publication May 16th. We’ve begun writing Traitor. The short summary: Voske comes back.

All three books in the Young Allies series are written, and as of mid-February one of the editors asked to see A Sword Named Truth. There is a tentative pub date at Amazon that keeps receding into the future. I will post any news once I get some.

Meanwhile I’m writing back and forth in the next bunch, the first of which is called The Wicked Skill. It’s a standalone romantic swashbuckler, sort of, the last hurrah before the big Norsunder War cycle. Also working on the third Lhind novel.

Book View Cafe

Why I link my books here whenever I can

BVC (which offers its e-books in mobi and epub formats) was formed by a bunch of writers as a cooperative publishing effort. Books offered cross all genres, from science fiction to romance to historical to mainstream. We function as editors, copyeditors, formatters, cover artists, and site maintainers. We offer both reprints (currently in e-form, but we’re looking at print options) and new books. 95% of the proceeds go to the authors! That means that the author actually earns most of the money you pay, instead of publishers and big venues like Amazon, B&N, and iTunes.

Here is our latest offering, and this is my bookshelf.

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