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Publication status:

A Sword Named Truth out on June 11th. The audio book version also comes out then. The narrator workedg with me to get all the names right.

Next up, Time of Daughters, a two volume story takes place roughly a century after the Inda story ends. Pub date October 2019.

Rachel Manija Brown and I have retrieved the rights to Stranger and are reissuing the e-book at a more reasonable cost. The series so far is available in print.

I put together an anthology of total wish-fulfillment, romantic and fun stories centered around masquerades and balls, called It Happened at the Ball. I have a story in it, concerning the beginning of one of Sartorias-deles’s countries some fans have asked for more about.

The Wren series is now together in ebook form.

Writer status:

Being one of the many authors who receive zero publicity, I believe that word of mouth is so very important. Lately this wonderful review came to my attention. It feels so good to have years of hard work acknowledged and appreciated by someone I’ve never met and am unlikely to ever meet, but even more wonderful is the suggestion of influence.

I’m trying to learn how to do newsletters. If you’re interested in receiving one when I have something coming out, sign up here to be notified. I promise I will only send one out when I have actual news.


with writer Francesca Forrest, about Lhind, and villains

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Why I link my books here whenever I can

BVC (which offers its e-books in mobi and epub formats) was formed by a bunch of writers as a cooperative publishing effort. Books offered cross all genres, from science fiction to romance to historical to mainstream. We function as editors, copyeditors, formatters, cover artists, and site maintainers. We offer both reprints (currently in e-form, but we’re looking at print options) and new books. 95% of the proceeds go to the authors! That means that the author actually earns most of the money you pay, instead of publishers and big venues like Amazon, B&N, and iTunes.

Here is our latest offering, and this is my bookshelf.

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