Writer status:

Time of Daughters is now complete, both halves are out there in the wild.

The new year is here, amid the usual super-dry heat wave common to Southern California. I hope that we’ll see rain before the long, dry months of summer set in. January means that application season for Viable Paradise Writers’ Workshop is now open, closing in June, when applicants are evaluated and selected on the basis of who we think would benefit from the workshop the most.

Writing proceeds apace!

Publication status:

Besides Time of Daughters, also out, Lily and Crown, a novella about Colend’s origin story. Of course it has a masquerade central, because Colend.

Being one of the many authors who have no skill (or budget) for marketing, I am grateful for word of mouth from readers. Lately this wonderful review came to my attention. It feels so good to have years of hard work acknowledged and appreciated by someone I’ve never met and am unlikely to ever meet, but even more wonderful is the suggestion of influence.

I’m trying to learn how to do newsletters. If you’re interested in receiving one when I have something coming out, sign up here to be notified. I promise I will only send one out when I have actual news, unless you sign up for the version that talks about various of my published books. (Those letters go out every six weeks or so, not a bombardment.)


with writer Francesca Forrest, about Lhind, and villains

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