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Spring 2023

Back working on the last book in The Change series, with Rachel Manija Brown. We have a target pub date in December.

The Norsunder War is now published. That culminates all the Sartorias-deles multi-book arcs, beginning with Inda. But I’m not done with that world yet, oh no. The next one, Let the Torrent Dance Thee Down, set postwar, stands alone, but in some ways it’s more intense than any of them. Due out in May. The one after, Antiphony, is sort of a mate, and it will come out in autumn.

My laughable attempts at marketing:

You can read a chapter a day of current projects on my Patreon and discussion of same, and other subjects.

Katie and Jordan Heroine is a new podcast. Their first episodes focus on Crown Duel.

Being one of the many authors who have no skill (or budget) for marketing, I am grateful for word of mouth from readers. Here is a review that pretty much made my year.

I only send a newsletter when I have something coming out. Sign up here to be notified. I promise I will only send one out when I have actual news, unless you sign up for the version that sends occasional notes about various of my published books. (Those letters go out every six weeks or so, not a bombardment.)


I’ve done two interviews with Fiction Fans Podcast. The most recent was about the Inda series, episode 49.

An interview at the Milford Writers’ site.

with writer Francesca Forrest, about Lhind, and villains

Henry Herz

Book View Cafe

Why I link my books to Bookview Cafe:

BVC (which offers its e-books in mobi and epub formats) was formed by a bunch of writers as a cooperative publishing effort. Books offered cross all genres, from science fiction to romance to historical to mainstream. We function as editors, copyeditors, formatters, cover artists, and site maintainers for one another. 90% of the proceeds go to the authors! That means that the author actually earns most of the money you pay, instead of publishers and big venues like Amazon, B&N, and iTunes.

Here is our latest offering, and this is my bookshelf.

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