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Coming Soon

Antiphony 3 October 2023

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paperback | Nook | Kobo IngramSpark has paperback and hardcover for order.

The last book in the long series that began with Inda, continued through the Rise of the Alliance, Crown Duel, and The Norsunder War.

Liere has attained the home she always longed for, though there are compromises: her children are scattered through the world, and she scarcely has time to adjust to her new life before she must use her dyr to prevent war. While elsewhere in the world, Chwahirsland is, at long last, reshaping itself to take place on the world stage. Not everyone is happy to see that.

A hidden identity revealed, with repercussions resounding across three continents—a wanderer visits the most sophisticated court in the world, and everything stops—anomalies turn up. Meaning what?

Or more importantly, when?

Traitor (Book Four of the Change series)co-authored with Rachel Manija Brown. March 2024

In Traitor, Voske comes back.

All of Felicite’s secrets come crashing down around her; a resistance is formed by those least expected; Ross, Jennie, Mia, and former princess Kerry are forced into the position of heroes once again, always with commensurate cost.

And Paco is forced to face the father he denied.

Recently Published

Let the Torrent Dance Thee Down, May 2023

Book View Cafe |Kindle | Nook | Kobo ebook | hardcover | paperback at Amazon

The war is over, all but the cleanup. And the emotional recovery, with its scars both visible and invisible. Liere Fer Eider learns on the run how to become a queen, while Andri adjusts to life this side of the law. Senrid, in devastated Marloven Hess, has to straight-arm a rage-filled populace into peace. While on a faraway mountain Detlev at last oversees the rebuilding of his school for training re-emerging psychic powers after four millennia. .

A few years pass, and everything seems to be settling into the new norm–until Liere wakes from a drugged sleep to an enemy who offers an impossible choice.

The Norsunder War Arc

Ship Without Sails, The Norsunder War I
Sept 2022

Book View Cafe | Kindle | B&N | Kobo | paperback

Nobody sane wants war.

But what happens when war comes to you?

In this first volume of The Norsunder War, the allies introduced in The Rise of the Alliance find their world invaded. For Atan, Queen of Sartor, preserving lives and knowledge come before fleeing to safety. Jilo of Chwahirsland risks his life to resist the return of an evil king. And for Senrid of Marloven Hess, it means facing a combined army whose might hasn’t been seen for eight hundred years, and losing everything he holds dear.

Heroism. Betrayal. Endurance. Resistance. Both sides encounter unexpected twists as some discover that even when existence is most dire, it can still surprise you . . .

Content Warning

The first half has war, including a scene of the death of a child; the second half is the beginning of the resistance

Marend of Marloven Hess (Book 1.5, sort of, in The Norsunder War series), Oct. 2022

Book View Cafe | Kindle | B&N | Kobo | paperback at Amazon |

In the recently defeated warrior-kingdom Marloven Hess, two enemies, one a defeated king hunted by the conquerors, and the hunter who did the conquering, duel for the soul of a conflicted young teen.

This short novel takes place between the events of the first two volumes of The Norsunder War, Ship Without Sails, and Seek to Hold the Wind.

Seek to Hold the Wind, The Norsunder War II Nov. 2022

Book View Cafe | Kindle | Nook | Kobo | paperback at Amazon

The second volume of four begins with the loose alliance of young rulers, mages, scribes, friends, and ex-enemies on the run. The only place of safety is a tiny agrarian kingdom no one has ever heard of, though hints begin to surface that nothing there is quite what it seems.

Some venture on quests for ancient magical artifacts that might aid them—but all those quests turn . . . sideways. Except for the one that was meant to simple, that changes everything.

Meanwhile, Senrid, the Marloven warrior king, goes covert, staying one step ahead of the conquerors who want him dead. A pair of brothers, one on each side, begin a duel of wit and danger.

And Jilo, the nerdy son of a lowly sergeant who has been singlehandedly striving to save the once-great Chwahir nation from an insane king, crosses a continent to carry a message, with utterly unforeseen results.

All Things Betray, The Norsunder War III, December 2022

BVC | Nook | Kindle | paperback at Amazon

What to say about the third book in a series? This one gets into some really intense personal dynamics, and a lot of the hidden past starts coming back as Sartortias-deles readies to take back their world.

Tthe more official blurb: In the third volume of The Norsunder War, the invaders’ command structure is fracturing, but they are no less dangerous. Amid widespread and wanton destruction, it seems the world itself is fighting back. A pair of brothers, one on each side, begin a duel of wit and danger searching for a girl who could change the world.

Meanwhile, slowly, hints of what really happened four thousand years ago begin to emerge, making this fight not just universal, but personal for those who claim power . . .

Revelation. Betrayal. Sacrifice.

The beginning of the end.

A Chain of Braided Silver, The Norsunder War IV Jan 2023

BVC | Kindle | B&N Nook | Kobo | Amazon paperback

Secrets both ancient and current are revealed, as the alliance—at times uneasy—works together to reclaim Sartorias-deles from Norsunder. Leaders around the world plan a simultaneous counterattack, but that is only a decoy away from the battle in the realm of the mind against a world-devouring power.

Hibern must solve a lethally dangerous puzzle as she dodges the hunter; grief-stricken Senrid must team with the man his beloved has chosen while his kingdom is overrun; Jilo singlehandedly intends to wrench the sinister Chwahir from their overwhelmingly poisonous tyrant; Imry, former commander, is now renegade, and even more dangerous; Marga begins to assert her powers; and everything comes down to Detlev, once the world’s chief villain. And yet, in spite of the mounting dangers, some manage to find love . . .

Read the tense, heart-lifting conclusion to The Norsunder War. The conclusion to The Norsunder War is also the culmination to the entire Sartorias-deles arc.

The Phoenix Feather Martial Arts Series Page

Sartorias-deles Historical Era (Inda, Banner, Time of Daughters)

Sartorias-deles Kids’ Stories Page

Sartorias-deles, Modern Era

A Stranger to Command

Book View Cafe | Nook |Trade Paper, Amazon | Kindle | Audio book [and a really, really good recording]

Vidanric Renselaeus, Marquis of Shevraeth, is a courtly, well-mannered teen trained in the noble art of dueling. Growing up in a court that on the surface seems civilized under an increasingly despotic king, he is sent by his father to the infamous military academy in Marloven Hess. He expects to be reading theories about statecraft, but finds that he is going to learn about military command from the inside–and finally, what it really means to be king.

In this prequel to Crown Duel, the reader learns what made the elegant Vidanric into the enigmatic Marquis of Shevraeth.

Crown Duel

Book View cafe | Nook | Kindle | Kobo | Audio book |Paperback, Amazon | Kobo

In print for over twenty years, CROWN DUEL is written from the point of view of “the barefoot countess” Meliara. She and her brother promised their dying father to free Remalna from a bad king’s oppressive rule and to preserve the vital Covenant with Remalna’s aloof, unhuman Hill People. Meliara is determined to win or die fighting. She not only has the evil king to contend with, there’s the elegant Marquis of Shevraeth, who always seems to be one step ahead . . .

Brought to court by a mysterious letter,  Meliara finds herself the subject of courtly intrigue, both sinister and romantic. Sinister is the deposed king’s sister, and her handsome, elusive son. Romantic is a secret suitor who courts her by letter.

Then there is the enigmatic Marquis of Shevraeth–enemy or friend? Is risking your life less dangerous than risking your heart?

The ebook and the definitive printed editions (same cover as e-book) correct the many errors in the old paperback, and offer six scenes from Vidanric’s point of view at the end.

Nominated for ALA/YASLA Best Books for Young Adults, on the ALA/YASLA Quick Pick List for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, and named one of NY Public Library Best Books for Teens, 1998 list. Finalist, Soaring Eagle Award (Kids 12-18 voting, Wyoming Library System)

The Trouble with Kings Book View Cafe March 2015

Book View Cafe |
Nook | Kobo | Kindle | trade paperback, Amazon |Audio book

“With music you can tell the truth about human experience.”

In this romantic fantasy that takes place roughly the same time as Crown Duel, Flian is an ordinary princess who would rather be left with her music, but gets abducted not once, not twice–three times!

What is a civilized princess to do? Especially when she can’t tell which prince is the hero and which the villain!

Sasharia En Garde

Book View Cafe | Kindle | Nook | Kobo | First half at Audible, narrated by Jessica Almasy
Second half at Audible, narrated by James Patrick Cronin

This romantic fantasy takes place right before the Norsunder War sequence. It begins with Sasha snatched from Los Angeles, where she has been hiding with her mother, and taken back to the kingdom where Sasha’s mother, Sun, was once swept away by a real prince.

Sasha is more than ready to kick some bad-guy butt, but is the stylish pirate Zathdar the bad guy? Or artistic, dreamy Prince Jehan, son of the wicked king?

The Rise of the Alliance Arc

A Sword Named Truth, (Rise of the Alliance I) June 2019

Amazon paperback | B&N | audiobook (terrific recording)

Readers familiar with Crown Duel and especially A Stranger to Command have asked what was going on at the end of the latter. Well, this is that story. It’s eight centuries after INDA. Magic has been slowly returning, and Norsunder is watching and waiting.

 Senrid, fifteen-year-old king of the Marlovens finds himself drawn into world politics. Along the way he meets other young rulers in various precarious positions.

They are not ready to deal with Norsunder, but Norsunder is more than ready to deal with them.

The Blood Mage Texts (Rise of the Alliance II) December 2021

Book View Cafe | Kindle | B&N Nook | Amazon trade paperback

Long-dormant magical forces are moving again in Sartorias-deles. In volume one, A Sword Named Truth, a shaky alliance made among young rulers brought too early to their thrones survived a first foray, commanded by Siamis, the handsome young Norsundrian who was born four thousand years ago. Siamis was defeated, and the world celebrated, believing peace had come!

But the world’s mages know it’s not the quiet of peace—it’s the stillness before the storm.

At the start of volume two, The Blood Mage Texts, the alliance seems to be a thing of the past as everyone is dealing with the fallout of the abortive attack. Rel the Traveler arrives back home to a surprise that has been awaiting him since he was first adopted, launching him on a personal quest.

Jilo, the king who is not a king, finds what looks like dangerous magical texts and hands them off to his friend Senrid, young king of Marloven Hess, who is in the midst of wrestling with his warlike nation. When word gets out that these eight-hundred-year-old blood mage texts are in the ignorant hands of youngsters, all of Norsunder’s mages want them.

Meanwhile Siamis has gone renegade, hunted by both sides.

All the searches converge on Chwahirsland, furnishing new twists in the on-going saga of the alliance of young rulers . . .

The Hunters and the Hunted (Rise of the Alliance III)
January 2022
Book View Cafe | Kindle | B&N Nook | Kobo | trade paperback at Amazon

The allies meet Detlev’s boys.

In volume one, A Sword Named Truth, a shaky alliance made among young rulers brought too early to their thrones survived an enchantment, commanded by Siamis, the handsome young Norsundrian. Siamis was defeated, and the world celebrated, believing peace had come!

At the start of volume two, The Blood Mage Texts, the alliance seems to be a thing of the past as two quests reveal long-hidden secrets. Meanwhile Siamis has gone renegade, hunted by both sides.

As the Rise of the Alliance saga continues, Siamis is not the only one being hunted. The sinister and elusive Norsundrian commander Detlev has been seen more often in the past five years than he has in the past five hundred. The young allies to reform the alliance—meeting unexpected difficulties when no one can agree on what form it should take.

That is before a series of murders leads to the shocking news that the alliance has been infiltrated by a mirror alliance of Norsundrian boys.

Trained by Detlev. Which leads inexorably to the deadliest of stalking games . . .

Nightside of the Sun (Rise of the Alliance IV)
Feb 2022

Book View Cafe | Kindle | B&N | Kobo | Amazon paperback

The climax to the Rise of the Alliance saga begins with Detlev’s boys taking two prisoners as they retreat to their lair on Five, the sister world that has been lifeless for nearly five thousand years. Reviled by both sides, the one thing they can trust is their strength, their training, and each other. Or so it seems.

Meanwhile, unknown to both Norsunder and the Sartoran mages, there are secrets living within that world that will change everything.

The high-stakes hunt continues on two worlds as the surviving allies step into adult roles one by one, just to find themselves with greater challenges as the world hurtles inexorably toward war . . .

The Wicked Skill
May 2022

Book View Cafe | Kindle | B&N | Kobo | Amazon Paperback

Two young kings without thrones. One meets a queen, the other a shopkeeper’s daughter.

Liere went away a messed-up kid five years ago, and comes back an accomplished mage. Among other skills. She goes to Enaeran as a mere Envoy, where she discovers once again that there is no “mere” in her life.

Especially when she takes her first steps into the enthralling world of romance. She, and others just coming into their adult roles in life, discover the many facets of love—set against a background of revolution, one conducted through manners, the other by swashbuckling youths who think life is a game . . .

Remalna’s Children: “Beauty” and “Court Ship”

Book View Cafe
| Nook | Kindle | Audio book

The Crown Duel next generation: Two novelettes about Mel’s and Vidanric’s older two offspring, Prince Alaraec (“Court Ship”) and Elestra (“Beauty”). In the latter, the middle child, who thinks of herself as the plain one of the three Renselaeus siblings, goes into the throne room to look at a tree, and meets a beautiful villain. Thus begins a duel of wits with unexpected results.

In “Court Ship” Prince Raec and his best friend, Nadav, heir to the duchy of Savona, go on a mission to court a princess. Both boys get distracted . . . but the princess is determined to keep them on task. A dance of diplomacy and romance ensues.

Here is a map of Remalna, the tiny country where Crown Duel takes place.

Wren’s World Page

The Change Series Page (YA hopeful dystopia written with Rachel Manija Brown)

Dobrenica Urban Fantasy Series

Coronets and Steel; DAW Books, September 2010

Paperback | Barnes and Noble

Kim’s a grad student in L.A. Her passions are ballet, fencing, Jane Austen, and swashbuckling, romantic old movies. When her grandmother begs her to go east and see if “they” are safe, then slips into an uncommunicative silence, Kim goes to Vienna to search for a family, armed with only two clues. She’s having no luck when she first runs into a ghost, and then encounters a guy she mentally dubs Mr. Darcy. Only this Mr. Darcy acts like he knows her. When she goes out for a drink and wakes up on a train, the adventure begins. This story began as an homage to Prisoner of Zenda, only with a female having to prove her courage, dash . . . and honor.

Blood Spirits; DAW Books, September 2011

Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Kim decides the only way to fix the disaster she left is to return to Dobrenica, but what she finds there is far more shocking and dangerous than she ever imagined. Not just politics and personalities but ghosts and magic, murder and mystery, ballroom dancing and moonlit sleigh chases await her. Once again Kim has to take sword in hand as she tries to make peace, she risks her heart when she finds love, but there can be no happiness until she learns the truth. Only whose truth?

Here is a book trailer for Blood Spirits, made by Karen Osborne.

Revenant Eve; DAW Books, November 2012

Amazon, print | Audio book | Barnes and Noble

Kim is happily planning her wedding when she finds herself pulled two centuries back in time. It’s 1795, the rise of Napoleon, and Kim is now a guardian spirit for a twelve-year-old kid who will either become Kim’s ancestor . . . or the timeline will alter and Kim will vanish, along with Dobrenica. What? Yes, the child called Aurelie de Mascarenhas must get to Dobrenica, or more than the Dsaret family will vanish.

Kim hates time travel conundrums, and knows nothing about kids. How is she going to guide a kid born on Saint-Domingue, with whom she has nothing in common?

From Jamaica to England to the Paris of the early 1800s, Kim and Aurelie travel, sharing adventures and learning more about Vrajhus, the Blessing, and the Nasdrafus than is known in Dobrenica’s modern times. Along the way to wedding bells or annihilation, Kim makes a shocking discovery . . .

(With story connections to Danse de la Folie.)

Regency Era Stories

Danse de la Folie, Book View Cafe, September 2012

Book View Cafe | Kindle | Nook | Kobo | paperback at Amazon | Audio book (delightful pro voice) | trade paperback at

A light-hearted Regency folly, starring Miss Clarissa Harlowe who wants a quiet life-but falls in love with a smuggler, the marquess of St. Tarval. St. Tarval’s sister, Lady Kitty, is determined to write a dramatic Gothic to save her brother’s mortgaged estate-if she can reach London. Clarissa’s much-pursued cousin, Mr. Philip Devereaux, is inexplicably intrigued by Lady Kitty, who is doing her best to encourage the match between him and Clarissa, except that Clarissa is now betrothed to . . . Lord Wilburfolde. And so the madness of changing partners begins in the dance of love.

Rondo Allegro
Rondo Allegro; Book View Cafe, September 2014

Book View Cafe | Kindle |
Amazon paperback | Kobo |
Nook | audio book (extraordinary pro voice) trade paperback art

In 1799, all of Europe is at war. In Palermo, sixteen-year-old singer-in-training Anna Maria Ludovisi is married by her dying father to Captain Henry Duncannon, the Perennial Bachelor. Minutes after the wedding he sets sail.

The threat of French invasion causes Anna to flee to Paris. At the end of the Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte is transforming France; Anna must transform herself into a professional singer in order to survive.

in 1805, Anna’s opera company is traveling through Spain when events bring the long-missing Captain Duncannon and his forgotten wife back together again, as the English, Spanish, and French fleets converge for battle off the Cape of Trafalgar.

For Henry Duncannon as well as Anna, everything changes: the demands of war, the obligation of family, the meaning of love, and the concept of home. Can they find a new life together?

Fair Winds and Homeward Sail; Spring 2015


One Jane Austen’s best-loved books is Persuasion, and of the characters in it, among the most popular are Sophy and Admiral and Croft, dashing Frederick Wentworth’s sister and brother in law.

In this short novel, Sherwood Smith takes a look at what the Wentworths’ lives might have been like before they met the Elliots, and Sophy’s view of Anne Elliot’s and Frederick Wentworth’s stormy relationship—and how she might have had a hand in bringing about that happy ending.

Miss Eleanor Tinley: or, The Reluctant Heroine; Twelve Tower Books, August 2016


Eleanor Tilney is little more than a plot device in Jane Austen’s tale, whose first half scintillates so brightly, but whose second half hints at the brilliance to come. In this, another of Sherwood Smith’s Jane Austen novellas, Eleanor gets a voice, and a romance, as we see Catherine through hers and Henry’s eyes.

The Poignant Sting; Spring 2015


This novella-length homage to Jane Austen’s Emma was inspired by a single line in the novel that makes Miss Bates, for one moment, startlingly prescient. Supposing Miss Bates really could hear others’ thoughts? A look at three marriages in Highbury with a touch of magic and wonder.

Henry and Fanny: An Alternate Ending to Mansfield Park; Spring 2015


One of the longest-running debates about Jane Austen’s work has been the problematical ending of Mansfield Park. As I have stated in my review is that part of the problem is how the narrative stops abruptly in Book Three, Chapter XVII. Here Austen’s narrator takes the stage to issue a long summary of what happened, after all those brilliant pages of immersing readers in the minds of the characters and their world.

When I read James Austen-Leigh’s memoir about his famous aunt in which he reported sister Cassandra begging Jane for a different ending, I got the courage to join the host of other authors who love to play in Jane Austen’s world, and take up the story from that point and offer a new ending, solving that problem, plus some others.

The Dancing Monkeys; Spring 2015


One of three long novella-length stories I’ve written about Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. This story accepts the ending that Jane Austen wrote, and follows a bitter Henry Crawford wandering the world after his failure at winning Fanny Price. An unexpected encounter with an equally bitter Captain Wentworth, during a sea battle with the French, brings about changes for both gentlemen . . .

It Happened at the Ball, an anthology edited by me. September 2018

Book View Cafe | Amazon e-book | B&N | Kobo | Apple Books |
trade paperback

The pleasure of your company is requested.

Graceful feet tracing courtly steps.
Eyes behind jeweled masks meeting across a room of twirling dancers.
Gloved hands touching fleetingly—or gripping swords… Anything can happen at a ball.

I collected thirteen stories intended for sheer escapism, full of beautiful ballrooms, intrigue, some swashbuckling, a balance of dark and light with light winning. I have two stories in it, one I’ve since published on its own, “Lily and Crown” and one under another name.

As Zoe Chant (a collective name for Paranormal Romance/shifter series)

The Siver Shifter Series

Older women find romance in these four books, collected together.

The Hollywood Shifter Series

Shifters in La-La Land!

Then the two Upson Downs mildly spicy romances, or Small town shifters!, and Moar small town shifters!

In L. Frank Baum’s Oz

The Emerald Wand of Oz; HarperCollins, January 2005 Amazon

Trouble Under Oz; HarperCollins, August 2006 Amazon

Sky Pyrates Over Oz; Pumpernickel Pickle, January 2014

Trade paperback | Kindle | Hardcover at Lulu

The finale to Sherwood Smith’s Oz trilogy. Journey back to Oz with Dori and Emma, along with old favorites like Scraps and Polychrome, as they travel through the skies over Oz. There’s a plot afoot with a dastardly villain who kidnapped Princess Dorothy in Smith’s first book, The Emerald Wand of Oz. It’ll take Glinda, Rik the Nome (met in the underground adventures related in Trouble Under Oz), Dori, Emma, Scraps, and many more to contend with this threat–even a shaggy dog named Dad! Sky Pyrates Over Oz is illustrated by Kim McFarland.

Exordium Page, Science Fiction written with Dave Trowbridge

Science Fiction written With Andre Norton

Derelict for Trade (Solar Queen Universe); Tor Books, March 1997| Audio book

A Mind for Trade (Solar Queen Universe); Tor Books, June 1997 | Audio book

Echoes in Time (Time Traders Universe); Tor Books, November 1999 |Audio book

Atlantis Endgame (Time Traders Universe); Tor Books, December 2002 | Audio book

Other Media-related Science Fiction

Augur’s Teacher; based on the TV series Earth: Final Conflict; Tor Books, August 2001

Paradise Drift; based on the TV series Andromeda; Tor Books, October 2005

Shorter Works

“Commando Bats”; Book View Cafe, Summer 2015

Book View Cafe | Kindle

In this novelette, Hera is angry with Zeus and the rest of the male gods. She takes their powers, and comes to Earth, handing them out to random old women, saying that the weakest have the most wisdom, and further warns them to prove her right! I had such fun writing it.

Zapped May 2015

Kindle | Nook | Ibooks

There are secret powers that might get you locked up or spirited away. And then there are the secrets that get you shunned. The first kind are surprisingly un-useful at helping with the second. This fantasy novelette set in San Diego, Ca, is about teens and different kinds of secrets.

And Horses are Born With Eagles’ Wings; Spring 2015


In one of my rare explorations of modern life, with a touch of magical realism, anxious, indecisive Barbra is ferocious about one thing: her daughter. When a mysterious music teacher appears at the local school, Barbra and some local parents are up in arms. . .

So many things can steal the magic from life. So few things can restore it.

Being Real; Spring 2015

Book View Cafe | Kindle

In this near, could-have-happened future tale, teenage Lys finds out that her family has been selected for a reality show. The megabucks are conditional upon the family being interesting enough to catch the interest of fellow Americans. Lys and her drummer brother and overworked elder sister go to great lengths to “be real” . . .

In this short, satiric novella, I have fun with inward and outward expectations: personal, familial, social, and governmental.

Whispered Magics; Book View Cafe, Summer 2013

Book View Cafe | Kindle | Nook | Audio book

As a child, Sherwood Smith was always on the watch for magic: no fog bank went unexplored, no wooden closet unchecked for a false back, no possible magical token left on the ground or in the gutter. In these nine stories, the impossible becomes possible, magic is real, aliens come visiting. How would our lives change?

“Masks,” The Feathered Edge, Sky Warrior Books, 2012

“Court Ship,” Firebirds Soaring, Firebird, 2009; reprinted in e-form in Remalna’s Children

“Beauty,” Firebirds, Firebird, 2003, reprinted in e-form in Remalna’s Children

“Miss Austen’s Castle Tour,” Lace and Blade 2, ed. Deborah J. Ross, Norilana Books, February 2009

“Rule of Engagement,” Lace and Blade, ed. Deborah J. Ross, Norilana Books, February 2008, REPRINT, Lightspeed 2014

“Commando Bats,” Athena’s Daughters, 2014

Older Stuff

“Monster Mash,” Werewolves, eds. Jane Yolen and Martin Greenberg, Harper & Row, Summer 1988

“Ghost Dancers,” Things That Go Bump in the Night, eds. Jane Yolen and Martin Greenberg, Harper & Row, Summer 1989

“Daria’s Window,” Sisters in Fantasy II, eds. Susan Shwartz and Martin Greenberg, NAL, March 1998

“Faith,” A Wizard’s Dozen, ed. Michael Stearns, HBJ, Fall 1993; reprinted in Between the Darkness and the Fire, SFF Net anthology, 1998; reprinted in Read (teen version of Weekly Reader), November 2000

“Curing the Bozos,” Bruce Coville’s Book of Aliens, BPVP, February 1994 (fifth printing 1995)

“Echoes of Ancient Danger,” Orphans of the Night, ed. Josepha Sherman, Walker & Co., Spring 1995; reprinted in MOOREEFFOC, Summer 2000, vastly rewritten and published as “The Rapture of Ancient Danger,” in Beyond Grimm, e-Anthology, Book View Cafe, 2012

“I Was A Teen-Age Superhero,” Starfarer’s Dozen, ed. Michael Stearns, Harcourt Brace, Fall 1995 (paperback, 1996)

“What’s A Little Fur Among Friends?” Bruce Coville’s Book of Spinetinglers, BPVP, January 1996

“Visions,” Bruce Coville’s Book of Magic, BPVP, March 1996; On Year’s Best List for 1996 picked by TANGENT Magazine; reprinted MOOREEFFOC December 2000

“Illumination,” Nightmare’s Dozen, ed. Michael Stearns, Harcourt Brace, Fall 1996

“And Horses Are Born With Eagles’ Wings,” Realms of Fantasy, October 1997; reprinted in Electric Wine, January/February 2000

“Mastery,” Wizard Fantastic; ed. Larry Segriff and Martin Greenberg, Tekno Books, 1997

“And Now Abideth These Three;” Realms of Fantasy Magazine, 1998; reprinted in Coyote Wild, December 2007

“Finding the Way,” Bruce Coville’s Alien Visitors, Scholastic, October 1999

“Diary of a Henchminion,” Faeries, France, 2001; Fictionwise, 2002

“Mom and Dad at the Home Front,” Realms of Fantasy, August 2000; reprinted in Year’s Best Fantasy, Harper Eos, Spring 2000; Nebula Finalist 2002; Fictionwise 2002; New Magics, Tor, 2004

“The Hero and the Princess,” Lone Star Stories, November 2005

“Being Real,” Lone Star Stories, October 2006; Book View Cafe

“Summer Thunder,” Coyote Wild, January 2007

“The Princess, the Page, and the Master Cook’s Son,” Heroes In Training, August 2007