Characters and Ships in THE FOX

* means new

Inda’s Ships and Crew

  • *Death, trysail, (once Spear under Boruin), captain Fox Montre-Davan-An, first mate Barend Montrei-Vayir (cousin to Evred), Inda”s chief assistant, Taumad Daraen “Tau,” Dasta (second mate, later promoted), *Gillor (captain of top hands, later promoted), *Cook Lorm, Crew: Thog daughter of Pirog, Uslar, Mutt, *Pilvig, * Jug, *Fibi the Delf
  • * Cocodu, raffee, captain Dasta
  • *Rippler, schooner
  • *Skimit, schooner, sometimes captained by Fibi the Delf
  • Vixen, scout cutter, master Jeje sa Jeje, crewed usually by Fisher Brothers Loos and Viac, Nugget (child)
  • *Swift, captain Swift, (fleet, Silverdog and Moon)—joins Inda’s fleet for Brotherhood battle

Pirate Ships

  • *Sable, Eflis captain, Sparrow first mate
  • *Sea-King, Halliff captain
  • *Coco, Gaffer Walic captain, first mate Varodif, second mate Gutless
  • *Bloodfire, Ganan Marshig captain (also commander of the Brotherhood of Blood)
  • *Spear, captain Boruin Death-Hand, first mate Majarian
  • *Brass Dancer, captain Dal Raskan
  • *Widowmaker, captain Emis Chaul


Algara-Vayir Family

  • Jarend, prince (Adaluin)
  • Fareas Fera-Vayir, princess (Iofre)
  • Tanrid, heir (Laef), killed by secret order of Sierlaef, 3910
  • Joret Dei, betrothed to Tanrid, then to Inda
  • Hadand, betrothed to Sierlaef, future queen
  • Indevan (“Inda”), future Randael
  • Branid, son of former Randviar Marend, two generations previous

Arveas Family

  • Tlennen (“Flash”), Randael to his father on new appointment as Jarl of Olara at Sala Varadhe Castle (Castle Andahi) at the head of the Andahi Pass. Wife, Liet-Jarlan (Tlen) Flash serves as chief galloper—aide and messenger—to Evred while he’s in command in the north
  • *Kendred (“Dewlap”), former Cavalry Captain, now Jarl of Olara, Flash’s father
  • Ndand Arveas, Flash’s betrothed, later wife
  • Kethadrend Arveas, Flash’s small brother

Cassad Family

  • Senrid (Jarl)
  • Ivandred, shield arm (Randael)
  • Ndara, second cousin to Jarl, married to Harskialdna
  • Tanrid, heir (Laef)
  • *Carleas Ndarga, betrothed—later wife—to Tanrid, the heir
  • Jarend (“Rattooth”), future Randael
  • Kialen, future Harandviar to Evred-Laef Montrei-Vayir
  • Mran, grand-daughter of Ivandred Cassad, brother to Jarl, betrothed to Landred Marlo-Vayir

Jaya-Vayir Family

  • *Camarend (“Horseshoe”), Jarl
  • Manther, heir (Laef), died at Ghael Hills battle 3907
  • Marend, betrothed to Savarend Montredavan-An
  • Ivandred (“Vanda”), new heir
  • *Retren, cousin to Vanda, now to be his Randael

Marth-Davan Family

  • Tdor, betrothed to Inda Algara-Vayir
  • Ramond, cousin to Tdor, future Jarl
  • Ander (Mouse), cousin to Tdor, future Randael

Montredavan-An Family

  • Savarend (Jarl)
  • Lineas Sindan-An, Jarlan, cousin to Tlennen Montrei-Vayi)
  • Savarend (“Fox”), heir, Inda’s second in command, also captain of Death
  • Shendan (“Shen”)

Montrei-Vayir family

  • Tlennen, king, Sieraec during peace, commander of King’s Riders, the professional force who guards the kingdom “on patrol;” Harvaldar during war time, titular commander of army at war, which includes treaty-stipulated forces provided by Jarls joined to the King’s Riders
  • Anderle, royal shield arm, Sierandael during peace time, commands the Guard of the royal city, and oversees the Academy; Harskialdna during war time, actual commander of King’s Army; his wife, when there is a foreign queen, oversees the Queen’s Guard and the Queen’s Training of future Jarlans and Randviars
  • Tdiran, married to Jarl of Yvana-Vayir
  • Wisthia Shagal, queen (Sarias), from Anaeran-Adrani
  • Aldren (“The Sierlaef”), royal heir (Sierlaef)
  • Evred (“Sponge”), future Shield Arm (Varlaef)
  • Barend, son of Anderle and Ndara, cousin to Aldren and Evred

Marlo-Vayir Family

  • *Fnor, betrothed to Buck Marlo-Vayir
  • Mran, betrothed to Cherry-Stripe Marlo-Vayir
  • Camrid (“Scrapper”), Randael to the Jarl—Buck and Cherry-Stripe’s uncle
  • Hastred (“Hasta”), Jarl of Marlo-Vayir

Noth Family

  • Dauvid (“Horsepiss”), King’s Dragoon Captain, later interim Randael to Algara-Vayirs, then defender of Fera-Vayir Harbor
  • Senrid (“Whipstick”), future dragoon captain, promoted, Randael to Algara-Vayirs
  • Kendred (“Dogpiss”), included in first Tvei class—died in academy accident summer 3905

Tya-Vayir Family

  • Stalgrid (“Horsebutt”), heir (Laef)
  • Dannor (“Mudface”), betrothed to Aldren “Hawkeye” Yvana-Vayir
  • Camarend (“Cama”), shield arm (Randael), his betrothed Starand “Honeytongue” Ola-Vayir

Yvana-Vayir Family

  • Anderle (“Hawkeye”), heir
  • Tdiran Montrei-Vayir, wife of Jarl, sister to the king
  • Dannor “Mudface” Tya-Vayir, betrothed—later wife—to Hawkeye
  • Camrid (“Mad Gallop”), Jarl
  • Tlennen and Haldred “Badger and Beaver,” twins, future Randaels to Hawkeye
  • *Fala, potter, favorite to Hawkeye

Chief Runners

  • Jened Sindan, Captain of the King’s Runners, in charge of training all royal runners
  • Waldan, Farnid—chief personal runners to the Harskialdna, brother to the King
  • Ranet, Pandet, chief personal runners to Ndara Harandviar, married to king’s brother
  • Vedrid, Nallan, chief personal runners to the Sierlaef, the king’s heir
  • Tesar, personal runner to Hadand and Kialen, betrothed to the king’s sons
  • *”Nightingale” Toraca, later Vedrid, chief personal runners to Evred, king’s second son
  • Fiam, Inda’s runner-in-training
  • Chelis, youngest of Fareas-Iofre’s personal runners
  • Noren, Tdor’s personal runner
  • *”Flatfoot” Noth, Whipstick Noth’s personal runner (his cousin)
  • Hened Dunrend, a King’s Runner, related to Captain Sindan—assigned covertly to Inda


  • Dyalen, a pleasure house woman (House of Roses) in Iasca Leror’s royal city’s Heat Street
  • *Kendrid, owner of House of Roses, uncle to Dyalen
  • *Fedrid, one of the workers at House of Roses

Denizens of The Knob, Harbro at Tip fo Olaran Peninsula

  • Harbormaster Sholf
  • Nangel, chief scribe to Sholf
  • Skandar Mardric, head of Resistance
  • Rend Dalloran “Dallo,” innkeeper, part of Resistance

Denizens of Freedom Islands

  • Commander Dhalshev, formerly Admiral of Khanerenth Navy, now harbor master of independents in Freeport Harbor
  • “Woof” Woltjen, his assistant
  • *Nugget, Woof’s sister, crews on Inda’s ships
  • Lorenda, proprietor of a cordage shop
  • Lark Ascendant pleasure house: Mistress Lind, proprietor

Denizens of Bren

  • *Friends at Lower Deck Tavern: Haelec, proprietor, Jeje’s hires Thess and her son Palnas, Nathad, Marn the old lady, Japsar, Col
  • *Wisteria House—pleasure house offering music and pantomime, proprietor Mistress Rosebud
  • *Asfar House—pleasure house preferred by musicians
  • *Eris, daughter of playwright, a musician
  • *Kerrem, waiter friend of Tau’s who is also a musician
  • *Denja Arrad, actor nicknamed “The Comet”
  • * Royal Family: Galadrin, King of Bren, Kliessin, Crown Princess of Bren, Kavnarac ,”Kavna”, Prince of Bren
  • *Captain Wenald, a beached captain kept chained to a pirate galley eight years

Adranis (Anaeran Adrani) (pronounced “an-AY-arr-an ah-DRAW-nee”)

  • Martan Shagall, king of Anaeran-Adrani
  • *Nalais, queen of Anaeran-Adrani
  • *Valdon Shagall, crown prince
  • *Randon Shagall, cousin to Valdon
  • *Fansara, sister to duke of Bantas
  • *Phaura, Lais, Wisthia Shagal’s chief ladies
  • *Lady Ialari, baroness, friend to Wisthia Shagall
  • *Lord Jasil, current ambassador to Sartor
  • *Tirthia Shagall, princess of Anearan-Adrani several generations before, famed for her beauty and wit


  • Rajnir, Prince of the Venn
  • *Erkric, Abyarn: Dag, Rajnir’s principle mage
  • *Durasnir, Fulla: Oneli Commander of the Venn Fleet of the South
  • *Brun, Halvir: Durasnir’s wife and son
  • *Gairad: Battlegroup Captain directly under Durasnir
  • *Talkar: Hilda Commander of the South, Rajnir’s army commander
  • *Valda: Chief Sea Dag
  • *Ulaffa: Yaga Chief (head of prince’s mage protectors)
  • *Jazsha Signi Sofar, Sea Dag, former hel-dancer trainee
  • *Other dags (mages): [f] Anchan, Signi, Audir, Finni, Driaf, [m] Egal , Byarin , Falki
  • *Skir: Armor Chief , army chief detached to guard duty in Bela Lana
  • *Ymarans: Lord Annold Limros, Count of Wafri (“ANN-old LIM-rohs, WAH-free”), Penros, his chief mage

Miscellaneous Characters

  • *Captain Taz-Enja of the Nofa, out of Sarendan, naval ship
  • *Dranon, ship’s boy to Captain Taz-Enja of the Nofa
  • Captain Ramis the One-eyed, of the Knife
  • Mistress Resvaes, from the Mage Council of Sartor
  • Saris Eland, aka Sarias Daraen, owner of the Golden Butterfly pleasure house in Parayid Harbor, and mother to Taumad
  • *Lady Dascin of Mearsia, friend to Prince Valdon of Anaeran-Adrani
  • *Lael Lirendi, new king of Colend
  • *Lissais, heir to throne of Sartor
  • *Nestra, briefly crew on Inda’s Death
  • *Danden Sharl (“The Brainsmasher”) held Pirate Island before Ramis freed it